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“Blue Sky Thinking from a Civil Aviation Authority licensed company…”

Drone technology revolutionises the way that we create, survey and record the world around us. From above, things take on a clarity and perspective that simply cannot be achieved with your feet on the ground.

The future of how we create media and in turn how we will absorb it will have a sense of freedom that, up until now, will have only been imagined.

News broadcasting

With camera drones, the events of the world can be seen and documented from heights that enable us to understand News Coverage on a much wider scale. Remotely controlled from a team on the ground, Unmanned Aerial Imaging can assist news and production teams. The technology is set-up, controlled and monitored by the Unmanned Aerial Imaging team so that it can feed live pictures and video back to a control panel or media hub which can then be edited to feature on that days

Traffic Reporting

Speculative or public-dependent congestion reports needn’t be how we learn of potential journey lengthening traffic-issues. Combining aviation and video-imaging without the expense, inconvenience or invasiveness of a helicopter; a camera drone revolutionises the way that traffic news is learnt and reported. The UAT team can set the aerial camera up at a position and angle to capture the necessary images to report accurate and up-to-date traffic news.

Sports broadcasting/videos

Advances in sport technology seem to grow at the same rate as the stars’ wages in the modern games. We want 3D- Glasses with our football, hawk-eye with our tennis and thermal imaging with our cricket. We want to be as involved and absorb as much as we possibly can from our sports experience. The stability of an aerial camera allows for smooth and steady coverage of everything from horse-races to golf tournaments at a percentage of the cost of traditional and clunky crane or camera job.

Events Coverage

The human ‘ant-colony’ that is Glastonbury, the view from the clouds as Knebworth sways to the rock and pop icons of our time; the creative freedom that a camera drone allows when covering the great events in life is second only to our imaginations but when imagination and technology combine then you get the greatest art. Damping technology and gyroscopic camera manoeuvrability provides a view-point to life once held exclusively by the birds. The Unmanned Aerial Imaging team combine technical knowledge capable of safely controlling the drone with the creative flare to position it at a vantage point to capture all the excitement of the event.

By Keith Trainor