Unmanned Aerial Imaging

Unmanned Aerial Imaging provide the technology and expertise to take high definition images, both still and video, from an unmanned aerial drone. We are licensed from the Civil Aviation Authority and fully insured.


Rotary blades elevate the technology to great heights in order to gain vantage points that would traditionally mean much inconvenience and huge expense. With Unmanned Aerial Imaging, our U.A.V’s are built with rigid carbon frames and built to a top specification. Incorporating GPS and failsafes to insure tough safety requirements.
Mounted to and protected by this resistant frame is a gimbal that keeps the camera extremely steady in flight giving you the smoothest footage.


The professional Unmanned Aerial Imaging team on the ground can control the flight of the U.A.V and the actions of the camera. Their experience knowledge allows them to achieve from the ground what you want to be recorded from the air.


Having the ability to propel the latest in camera technology into the sky and manipulate angles from the ground opens up a whole new world of creativity for those involved in the production of cinema, journalism and advertising; Hollywood production value without the Blockbuster budget. Unmanned Aerial Imaging can provide the ultimate footage for advertising purposes, media stories and surveying. With birds-eye view technology, a simple map can transform into an interactive tour that offers potential clients an immersive view.


Cast your eye over the skyline of any of the world’s greatest cities and you’ll always see something new under construction. Local councils invest millions a year modernising the facilities of their town centres. Up-to-date, accurate, live blue-prints provided by Unmanned Aerial Technology gives the world’s Captains of Industry the freedom and security to plan, create and maintain the structures of the future. An aerial drone feeding live high-quality images or videos back to planners, architects and cost-forecasting teams can be the difference between before or after deadline, over or under budget, failure or success.


Crops and cattle can be monitored from UAI drones keeping up-to-date numbers and development patterns to be used for analysis and forecasting. Satellite style surveillance pictures fed back to ground-teams that can use them to detect potential problems.

By Keith Trainor



MCFC Training Grounds -Drone images


This amazing aerial image shows the training base for Manchester City’s array of stars. Currently training is carried out near the MUFC training grounds at Carrington, Trafford. This facility will contain sixteen training pitches for use by all of the club’s teams, including their youth sides. Manchester City’s Ladies team will play their competitive games at the training grounds.

Why not commission U A Imaging to give your latest project the unique look.

Manchester City training ground development

Manchester City’s training ground development